Yuhan Corporation was ranked as the 1st in the pharmaceutical industry and 4th in overall in the 2021 Korea’s Most Admired Company Award held by the Korea Management Association. Yuhan has not missed first place in the pharmaceutical category for the last 18 years since the award had begun.

Yuhan Corporation inherited the entrepreneurial spirit from its founder, Dr. Ilhan New, and has been respected in the nation for a long time for its integrous corporate image. It has grown into a reliable company in the pharmaceutical industry by focusing on building trust with society by producing excellent Rx and OTC medicines.

Yuhan Corporation has recently shown remarkable achievements in terms of increasing social value through novel drug development, which is the biggest purpose of existence as a pharmaceutical company.

New drug development is crucial for pharmaceutical companies in order for them to secure their future competitiveness and to improve national medical health. Yuhan is strengthening its competitiveness by continuously expanding R&D investment and conducting joint research with external organizations like academic research institutes and biotech companies.

Despite the current circumstances due to COVID-19, Yuhan has recently received sales approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its NSCLC treatment Leclaza in January.

With the goal of novel drug development targeting the global market, Yuhan plans to become one of the globally-respected pharmaceutical companies.

Yuhan Corporation has been noticed in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management sector as well. ESG management is drawing attention amid companies aiming for sustainability try to generate external growth and meet the expectations of various stakeholders simultaneously. It is in line with respected companies in the 21st century sharing the value of continuous cooperation and creating a win-win situation with their shareholders. Recently, Yuhan Corporation was selected as Korea’s leading ESG company after receiving excellent evaluation by the Federation of Korean Industries and Sustainable Power Plant.

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