Monthly Archives: October 2020

Yuhan Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding for strategic alliance with Imperial College London to participate in the “ICiC (Imperial Confidence in Concept)” program and fund their proof of concept collaborative projects as an industry partner.

The ICiC program promotes the transition of academic research into novel therapeutic development by distributing grants from the British government, institutions, and companies to promising translational research projects. Major research areas of Imperial College’s ICiC include cancer, immunology, infection, fibrosis, cognitive science, and therapeutic development.

Through participation in this program, Yuhan will provide research funds to Imperial College and conduct joint research on initial new drug development projects in the field of interest.

Yuhan expects that the combination of Yuhan's expertise in the drug development and Imperial College London's innovative basic science research will create synergy in the development of global innovative drugs.

Jung-Hee Lee, CEO of Yuhan Corporation, said, “This collaboration with Imperial College London, which is part of our global open innovation strategy, will strengthen our R&D pipeline and provide a foothold for Yuhan to enter the European market.”

Yuhan Corporation has signed a three-party agreement with Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) and Imnewrun Biosciences to build a Brain Disease R&BD ecosystem. For the first time in Korea, a pharmaceutical company, university, and biotech company work together to foster an innovative platform and industry-academia ecosystem for brain diseases.  

Through this agreement, the three institutions will:

  • Create an education and research cluster for the life science industry
  • Develop innovative technologies and secure a drug pipeline for brain diseases
  • Establish a research institute for brain diseases at SKKU, one of the leading private academic research universities in South Korea.
  • Conduct joint R&D with Samsung Medical Center, an SKKU-affiliated hospital
  • Start a new department/program in SKKU for Basic Brain Science and Technology

In 2019, Sungkyunkwan University and Yuhan Corporation had signed a business agreement to establish a comprehensive and strategic industry-academia partnership. Also, Yuhan Corporation and Imnewrun, a biotech specialized in brain diseases, have been jointly developing three new drug programs for brain cancer and other brain diseases.

Yuhan is expanding the CNS pipeline through investment and joint development and reinforcing its R&D capabilities to discover new brain disease drugs with business potential.

Lee Jung-Hee, President of Yuhan Corporation, said, "Yuhan will strive for a leap forward as a global pharmaceutical company through the brain disease research and development platform and make a contribution to Korea’s pharmaceutical industry.”